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The Project Niederrhein-Guide

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They are farmer, househusband or housewife, hunter, doctor or mechanic, surveyor, gardener or pensioner - and are above all, with heart and soul, Niederrheiners!


Niederrheinguide Exkursion

Hand im Baum

Der Faenger im Roggen

Gruppen Tour



The Niederrhein-Guides are certified Nature and Landscape Interpreters, who were trained by the NABU-Naturschutzstation Niederrhein in Kranenburg. They have participated in approximately 80 hours of theoretical and practical training, to gain experience in aspects concerning the culture, nature and geological history of the Lower Rhine. Additionally, they have learned methods of presenting this information in interesting and entertaining ways. After oral and written exams, as well as the independent development of a tour, they have reached their goal: the Certificate.

The training criteria conformed to the standards of the BANU (nation-wide team of state-run educational establishments for nature conservancy and environmental protection), which is why successful graduates received the nation-wide uniform certificate. Our professional partner for the training of the Niederrhein-Guides was the Natur- und Umweltschutzakademie NRW (NUA).

The Project

The reawakened interest in nature and the new trend to go on vacation in the home country were determining factors in the decision to train professional interpreters at the NABU-Naturschutzstation Niederrhein.

They promote the Lower Rhine and its landscape and advocate with their tours environmentally friendly and sustainable tourism.

The results of the project:

  • Environmental: with this kind of sustainable tourism, nature experience is a pleasure without remorse. The environment and nature are preserved with this kind of tour.
  • Economical: the tours offered by the Niederrhein-Guides promote tourism in the region. Agriculture, gastronomy and the hotel business profit from it. Regional business and producers are often integrated in the tours.
  • Sociocultural: The Niederrhein-Guides establish awareness for the cultural and regional identity of the Lower Rhine. They vitalize the Lower Rhine and make it experiencable.
  • Touristic: The interpreters are open-minded to tourism with their individual, creative and enjoyable tours. With their professionalism, they satisfy the Lower Rhine's guests.

The Niederrhein-Guide project ran from April 2006 to December 2008. In this time, a total of 62 interpreters coming from the area between Ratingen and Emmerich were trained. This training was made possible through financial help from the Stiftung Umwelt- und Entwicklung Nordrhein-Westfalen (foundation for the environment and development) and the professional cooperation with the Natur- und Umweltschutzakademie NRW (NUA). Thank you very much in the name of all the Niederrhein-Guides at this point.

Nature is the trend

This has been proven by touristic analysis in the Netherlands and Germany. Many people, though, lack an approach to nature. Who can explain all creatures great and small, what is typical or unique in the region?

In this respect, it was only natural that the NABU resolved to train qualified interpreters. The NABU wants to make Nature experiencable - without impacting it. The Niederrhein-Guides make this possible, because they lead their guests to the regional treasures of nature and to cultural sites, explain ecological correlations, give account of the geological history of the landscape of the Lower Rhine and help to experience it with all senses. They are specialists on their subjects and are enthusiastic about the region.

The guests, nature, and not least, the regional enterprises profit from that. The Niederrhein-Guides know regional specialties and include restaurants and sources of (organic) regional products in their tours. And the hotels and pensions also profit from a longer visit and more visitors to the Lower Rhine.

Niederrhein-Guides increase consciousness for cultural and natural values!
Niederrhein-Guides give identity to the Lower Rhine!
Niederrhein-Guides are proud of their region!
Niederrhein-Guides are real Niederrheiners!

The NABU-Naturschutzstation Niederrhein has multilateral experience in environmental education. It has offered the popular geese tours since 1992, and since then has led over 30,000 visitors to the arctic wild geese - environmentally friendly and gentle to humans, animals and the landscape. Beyond that, the station organizes many educational activities for children, teenagers and adults as well as gives lectures and makes publications to sensibilize and enthuse people for nature in the region.

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